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Airfares at Up to 60% Off

We offer the lowest Business Class & 1st Class air fares on all major airlines for international flights. We will save you up to 60% off Business Class & 1st Class fares whether you are flying in months or within 24 hours.


$50 or $100 Reward for Every Ticket

For every Business Class or 1st Class ticket, receive a $50 or $100 reward, arriving to you quick enough to be used during your trip!
No need to register or apply – every customer gets it.


Instant Fare Calculations for Complex Airfares & Itineraries

Our agents have 15+ years experience in putting together combinations of complex flight routes (especially Circle Pacific & Around-the-World fares), the airfares associated with each route, & then calculating the best route for you, saving you thousands of dollars.



Refundable Airline Tickets

We understand how hectic & uncertain travel can be. That’s why most of the discount tickets we offer are refundable.


Get Frequent Flyer Miles

In addition to the discounted price of the airline tickets, receive Frequent Flyer Miles to add to the savings.


No Minimum or Saturday Night Stay

On select airlines, you do not have to be restricted by a minimum or Saturday night stay.


Short Notice or No Advance Notice

We offer fares with Short Notice or No Advance Notice on select airlines.


Endorsed by Members of the Media

We are the travel agency of choice for such media personalities as David Jackson (former reporter for NBC TV show Extra & Los Angeles news anchor on KCAL-TV) & countless others
in the entertainment & professional sports industry for over 15 years.


Excellent Standing at the BBB

We have been in business since 1991. We have an A+ Rating at the Better Business Bureau. Feel free to look us up.


Registered with the California Attorney General’s Office

We are a licensed travel agency registered with the California Attorney General’s Office as a certified Seller of Travel. Feel free to look us up (license#2026279).


100% Positive Feedback on eBay

We have not let a single customer down. Feel free to check out our eBay reviews.


Outstanding Customer Service

All of our agents average 15+ years of experience and are all located in Los Angeles. A real “live” person will answer your call, email, or fax & your requests will be handled professionally & expediently. We also offer an after-hours 24 hour phone number in case of emergencies. Excellent customer support all at no extra charge!


Call Now for Discounted Business Class and First Class Airline Tickets:

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